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Spikes Tournament Information

July 15, 2018


We are expecting another Hot and Humid day for this tournament. We will try to do everything we can to keep play moving and finish as early as possible. If everyone stays on time and starts matches within 5 minutes of previous matches ending, all divisions should be completed by 12:30.  Please keep this in mind as we push the pace of the tournament to complete play during the cooler parts of the day.


Pushing the pace of the tournament will include limiting timeouts to 60 seconds, imposing 5-minute forfeiture rules, and starting match warm-ups immediately after previous match. We will explain each of these things during the rules meeting. I believe everyone will appreciate getting out of the heat at a reasonable time. Thanks for your support on Sunday.




14, 16, & 18U Divisions Starts at 8:00. Check-in Opens at 7:30. Rules Meeting at 7:50 AM.

12U Divisions Start at 10:00 AM. Check-in starts at 9:30 AM. Rules Meeting at 9:50. Play will begin as courts open up from earlier morning wave.


Tournament Format: 

Tournament play will start with pool play. Pools will determine who moves to which competitition bracket. All bracket play will be "win and move on" or "lose and ref and done". Team will have a one match guarantee in bracketplay.


Warm-up Balls: 

Teams will want to bring their own ball to warm-up with. Please make sure to make the ball.



Medals will be awared to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place finishers. Losers of Semi-Finals will both recieve medals.



We will be utilizing USA competition rules. Coaches are required to pass safe sport and IMPACT training.


Weather Announcements:

Please check this website for any weather announcements for the event. We do play in rain, but not lightning. 


Food and Drink:

Please no outside food or drink. The bar and restaraunt will open at 10 AM. 



Feel free to bring your own shade canopy or umbrella.


Confirmed Entries:

1 Ervin Talavera
2 Lewis Livingston
3 Lempke  
4 Dalton Denker
5 Estudillo Nelson
6 Estudillo Freeman
1 Estudillo Hill
2 Galvin Galligan
3 Zatechtka Weeks
4 Burke Casey
5 Jenkin Laird
6 Myler Schieber
7 Talavera Caskey
8 Tuttle Kelly
9 Brown Murray
10 Feldhacker Skretta
11 Gibson Stonner
12 Jacobson Jones
13 Fast Winston
14 Skoufis Sterbens
15 Walz Wassenaar
16 Carlson Wollmer
17 Christensen Henton
18 Cradick Evans
19 Day Johnson
20 Duncan Galles
21 Ebert Horvath
22 Berkebile peterson
23 Boyd Faalii
24 Holle Wegner
25 Simpson Stoebner
26 Swan Turek
27 Mandolfo Mandolfo
1 Marquis Richter
2 Hyde Rus
3 Harmelink Swanson
4 Bartell Bella
5 Foster Painter
6 Lienemann  
7 Reid  
8 Stoos Hoolbrook
9 Bac Ziebarth
10 Gardner Owen
11 Zielie Weeks
12 Curtis Fleck
1 Heglin Kilzer
2 Harmelink Donahue
3 Jacobson Knapp
4 Long Rosso
5 McCarthy McCarthy
6 Else  
7 Andelt Cuciti
8 Burianek  


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